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COSPLAY TIPS: how to face a photoshoot during a convention

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This is my first post in english, so please be kind if i made some mistake!
So, here we are...i tried to translate one of my most  useful articles (i think): how to face a photoshoot during a convention!

Okay, let's face it! Have good pictures of your costume is probably the ultimate goal of any cosplayer, and then how to do? If you do not have any friends good photographer who can capture while dressed the role of your favorite character, here are some little tips for great photos at the con.

* The first thing to do is definitely get organized with a photographer.
Before a big convention, you'll see on the Facebook Wall various "price lists" for sets by many cosplay photographers, you just need to look for THE ONE that, according to you, produces the best pictures and you have to contact him/her to decide time, price, place of meeting , etc.
You do not want to pay to have a set? That's fine, you mus find a good photographer  that does't want a reward for his work and trust me,  they are just as good of others!

* If you have no way/time/desire to contact him/her before the show, you can always look for a photographer to make some shots during the con, just ask with kindness!

* Whether you have already organized with a photographer, or you'll looking directly at the con, you must always do a little research on the internet to find photos of other cosplayers to give you the inspiration of poses, post production photos, location etc. so you will arrive at the time of the photoshoot already prepared! Another tip: now, we all have a smart phone, use it to save some pictures, poses, expressions, special shots, so if you do not remember something you have a reminder with you and id you can't explain your ideat  for a shot you would really like to do, you can always show it!

* The day of the event, or earlier if you get the chance, you should go exploring to find some particular corner to use as the location for the shooting, so the day will not lose time to seek a ideal background for photos and you will have more time to devote to the shots!

* Another thing (and -as a photographer- i'll never stop repeating it) you have to talk to the photographer during the shooting! Talk to him, tell him or show him what you would like, what you'd like, if you have suggestions on photo composition, because the photos (especially if you pay the set) should please you. Of course, you can's impose anything, because at the end every photographer has his own style, but if advanced with kindness a suggestion is likely to be welcomed. Because if your is the fifth set of the day, it is also understandable that the photographer has exhausted the imagination to create something new while you (still beautiful fresh and above all know well the character) you'll definitely something beautiful and new in mind and it is unfortunate that this is wasted!

* The last advice is definitely to the entertaining facilities, have fun while you do cosplay, during the contest, during a photoset! ENJOY, otherwise this hobby does not make sense.

I hope you like this article! <3

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